Traditionally, Indian society has believed that the wisdom of parents is enough for the raising and development of teenagers. But now people are realizing more and more that adolescents need special help in these changing times. When distressed teenagers or their parents come to us, our foremost goal is to help the teenager find his or her innate strengths and weaknesses, abilities and competencies. A lot of times teenagers show some rigid behavioral patterns that cause pain to them and others. They can show-

  • Excessive worry and concern
  • Excessive negative thoughts 
  • Unmanageable anger  
  • Non assertion... inability to say 'NO'
  • Withdrawal and disinterest in life experiences  
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Psychosomatic illnesses  
  • Phobias
  • Alcoholism and addictions to other substances such as drugs, cigarette smoking, etc
We talk to the troubled teenager as parents feel they can't handle the situation themselves. At the same time, respecting the Indian mindset of parents, we try to adhere to the traditional moral values as applicable to the large majority of teenagers and their parents. Once teenagers and their parents both start perceiving this as a real need, we will be able to help them much more.
Our goal is to help the teens cross this "Rubicon" with some information, guidance and awareness that would make it a smoother and easier transition through the process of acceptance. 

Our philosophy of awareness and acceptance is shared with individuals through a series of games, exercise, discussions helping each to begin to take a closer look at themselves.

  • Certain tests and matrices are carried out to help the teen get a closer look at his behaviour patterns and habits. 
  • Parents are also invited to participate in a session (after the counselling) on a participatory and experiential basis so that discussions can replace "lecturers" and views can be aired and shared while interacting with the teenager.  
  •  Any physical or medical problem will be referred to the appropriate professionals.
We invite teens to understand the skillfully orchestrated process of growth and development where he can see how his personality has been formed. We invite teens to understand why he does the things he does, and the way he does them … also how they march / hinder him on one hand or help him to grow on the other. This may help him to see how he can do things in a way which will give him satisfaction and help him to grow into a balanced and integrated adult.