About AdolesenceIndia

Dr. Jogendra Singh Tuteja is the owner and moderator of this group.He is a compassionate,enthusiastic, intelligent and highly skilled medical professional, working as a pediatrician for the last thirty seven years, and in the adolescent welfare sector for the last ten years.
Having done his Post Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Pediatrics from Kerala University, Trivendrum, in 2005, he became the first qualified adolescent pediatrician in the state of Madhya Pradesh, and has since guided several of his fellow colleagues towards the same, helping them at every step of the way.
Over the past decade, his selfless service towards the upliftment of children, right from babies to teens, through various mediums like NGO's, government, IMA and School Programs and individual initiatives, are praise worthy. .   

Ms. Jasmeet Walia is the owner and co-moderator of this group. She is a science graduate and a management post graduate, and has worked extensively in the field of education. Having worked with children of varying age groups ranging from pre schoolers to teenagers, her insights into the issues that face our youngsters have been valuable in the development and ongoing activities of this website and its programs.

Having spent a decade in the United States of America and closely observing the varied and wonderful ways in which child development concepts are applied in real life scenarios, she has enriched not only her own perceptions but also has become the backbone of our current and future activities to be orchestrated from this website with the support of leading educators and pediatricians of this country.