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Developing from infancy to maturity or growing up, a child goes through stages, phases, experiences, joys sorrows and pleasures, which, together, will shape him and decide the kind of matured individual he becomes. Adolescence, and the study and practice of it, therefore, does not begin  at the infamous teens, but right from birth, or rather from conception, as genetics, along with innumerable factors, also plays a vital role in a person's attributes.

We at ADOLESENCEINDIA.COM, therefore, will strive to be of service to our youth and the people who care about them, by providing a platform for the young, their parents, teachers, and mentors through a panel of experts from various disciplines of life, through neonate to adolescents, inspirational stories, personal counseling, communication between all IAPins, Social interactions, informative lectures and interactive seminars. 

You too can get involved in the beautiful, challenging, heartwarming and lifesaving work of grooming the transformation of a baby into a confident teen and subsequently a productive adult. Every individual and organization can make a difference-what path will you take?

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"Appreciation Award To Adolesenceindia From Indian Academy of Pediatrics."


Among the peers and professionals a excellent interactive blog
Dr Bharat Chhaparwal, Former Vice Chancellor DAVV Indore MP
Adolesenceindia is an excellent creation to link all pediatricians in one thread- Great effort done- devoted to colleagues
Dr M K C Nair, Vice chancellor KUHAS Kerala
Delighted to see the Adolesenceindia blog. The pace of growth in all these years with new creations
Dr C .P.Bansal, President SAAPA,President IAP2013